Cling film is commonly used in our daily life since it can keep the fruits and vegetables fresh longer. However, if it is used improperly, it may cause risk on our health. Here are some advice for selecting cling film.
1. Look at the type, not all cling film can be heated. Ordinary  cling film is only suitable for use in normal temperature environments and is mainly used for refrigerator preservation, while microwave oven  cling film can be used in high temperature environments and is mainly used for microwave heating.

2.  cling film for hot dishes is wasteful and carcinogenic. Covering freshly prepared meals with  cling film can easily cause the loss of vitamin C in vegetables and reduce the nutritional value of food. High temperature will volatilize possible toxic substances in the  cling film and cause harm to the human body. Therefore, for freshly made food, if it is not eaten in time, it is best to choose heat-resistant glass or porcelain plates for storage.
3. It is not suitable to use cling film for oily food.
4. Choose the  cling film correctly. There are many types of  cling film, and their functions are also very different. Consumers should choose the appropriate  cling film according to their needs. It is not advisable to use one film for general use. Ordinary  cling film is mainly used to keep food fresh at room temperature or even at low temperature. Microwave  cling film is mainly used in a heated environment. Do not confuse the use of these two membranes.