Hebei Orient Rubber&Plastic Co, Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of flexible packaging films in China. PVC shrink sleeve is one our our major item. 

PVC blow shrink film is one kind of economic packaging material with good quality which is widely used in all kinds of packaging industry, Such as food, beverage and other daily use.

PVC is a high density film that shrinks at low temperature ranges. The most commonly used shrink sleeve material for the market. It has excellent shrinkage rates, clarity, print quality, and a wide range of both shrink temperatures and shrink ratios. PVC also has high impact strength for extra weather resistance. This scuff resistant shrink sleeve material has the lowest cost, but is also less environmentally friendly than other shrink sleeve materials currently in use.

PVC shrink sleeve label film has the following advantages:

1) two shrinkage in TD: 50%-53% & 55-58%.

2) Good printing quality.

3) Good Sealing.

4) Stable shrinkage.

5) Good for automatic sleeving machine.

6) High Transparency.