POF shrink film and PVC shrink film are commonly used in flexible packaging filed. During recent years, POF shrink film is becoming more and more popular. So what are the advantages of POF shrink film over PVC shrink film?

1. The density of POF shrink film is 0.92 and the thinnest thickness is 0.012mm.  The density of PVC shrink film is 1.4 and the thinnest thickness is 0.02mm. Therefore, the actual unit cost is higher for PVC shrink film.

2. POF shrink film has high tensile strength, high tear resistance, and adjustable shrinkage. PVC is thick and brittle, with uneven thickness, poor moisture resistance, hard and brittle texture, low strength, low shrinkage, and poor rub resistance.

3. POF shrink film has excellent cold resistance. It is not hard or brittle even at -50°C, and is not easy to break, and can be used for frozen food packaging. After shrink packaging, the packaged goods are stored at -50°C-95°C for a long time, stable and unchanged.
PVC has extremely poor cold resistance and will become brittle in winter or after freezing, so it is easy to break during transportation.