About the BOPP film, I will introduce it from the type, usable range, size and package.
Type of the BOPP film
The BOPP film includes the No Primer Bopp Film, Two Side Heat Sealable Film, One Side Heat Sealable Film, Pearlized BOPP Film, Tobacco BOPP Film, Adhesive Tape Film, Printing Grade BOPP Film, Woven Bags Lamination Film, Lamination Matt Film and other type BOPP films.
Usable range of BOPP film


BOPP films apply to printing, bag making, adhesive tape, lamination and ect. Next, Let’s talk about the use of BOPP film.
Pearlized BOPP Film: It applies to cold drinks package, beverage labels, food package, high-end soap, gift package, cutlery package, pearly film bags, Paper and other fields.
Adhesive Tape Film: It applies to base film of adhesive tape. There are two salient features. The tensile strength is high and the water steam barrier property is good.
Printing Grade BOPP Film: It applies to lamination and bag-making after printing.
Tobacco BOPP Film: It applies to soft-case cigarette package with a regular film or low-shrink film. And it is also applies to the hard-box cigarette package with high-shrink film. Besides, in the other field, it is used for health products, medicines, tea, food, cosmetics, flexible package.
Lamination Matt Film: It is often used for books, gift bags surface composite (glossy side glued with paper or other base film compound). The appearance is soft, silky and three-dimensional.
Woven Bags Lamination Film: It applies to printing and lamination with rice bags, feed bags.
The above describes the scope of usable range of BOPP film. Next, we will talk about the size of BOPP film.
The size of BOPP film
The size of BOPP film includes thickness, width and paper tube diameter. The thickness range is 8mic-60mic. General, the thickness is 15mic-50mic. The width range is 20cm-800cm. General, the width is 35cm-200cm. The paper tube diameter general is 76mm. Besides, there is also 152mm roll diameter.

Last, let talk about the package of BOPP film.
The package of BOPP film
About the package of BOPP film, there are paper wrap (it applies to small rolls), pallet package, bubble wrap with paper cover on both ends and the other package method.
The above is a brief description of the BOPP film. Orientflex is specialized in plastic film since 2006. If you have any questions, please contact us.