From material, food plastic wrap is divided into PE plastic wrap and PVC plastic wrap.
Among them, PE wrap is mainly sold in various supermarkets. PVC plastic wrap is mainly in the supermarket fresh, bulk food area to do food packaging. Besides, hotels and other group customers purchase more. Due to the low price of PVC, the market share is also large, about 60% to 70 %.
PVC plastic wrap will add some plasticizers in the production process. Due to the production process needs. Plasticizer does not dissolve in cool water. But above 60℃, or in oil, it will dissolve out.
Generally, PVC plastic wrap is used to directly pack raw meat and cooked food. Most salespeople agree that plastic wrap is fine as long as it is not wrapped in hot cooked food.
But when the plasticizer is 60℃ or higher, or contact with greasy things, it will be analyzed with the oil. Especially the vegetable oil will be eluted. If things enter the body at this time, it will cause harm.

However, if there is no problem in the daily preservation of fruits and vegetables. So you can rest assured to use.
Plastic wrap is mainly used in fruit, vegetables and other packaging. And usually will also be used to pack – some cooked food, ham and other products.
But we should pay attention to the fact that some plastic wrap materials have additives, which are easy to migrate out when heated or exposed to greasy food. Thus remaining in food and causing harm to the human body after use.
So don’t put vegetables and other foods in the microwave with plastic wrap. And don’t put it in the refrigerator with plastic wrap.
No matter which product we should carefully choose to use.
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