The plastic wrap is mainly for food package. Such as keep food properly in fridge. People often use it in their daily life. There are two types of plastic wrap. PE and PVC. Mainly used for microwave food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh cooked food packaging and other occasions.
The tableware, spoons and forks that are rarely used can be packed in plastic. Not only save space, but also keeps clean to prevent impact damage.
After hair care and shampoo, the nourishing hair mask is evenly applied to the hair, then wrap the hair with plastic wrap. It is conducive to the absorption of nutrients. After 10 minutes (or time according to the use of hair care membranes), the hair will become smooth and shiny.

This water cup has been used for a long time. Can’t the tea stain be removed? You can put the plastic film on your hand and wipe the glass clean. Stains are removed immediately and the cup is as clean as new.
The grease on the plate or lunchbox can not be washed off. You can wipe it with plastic film. In a minute, the oil will run out. It’s easy to wipe off dishwasher oil.
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