There are many categories in film, like protective film, composite film, cold shrink film. But sometimes also often confuse of these kinds. In fact, you can fully distinguish them from the application. This article teaches you the difference between these kinds of products.

First of all, the protective film is generally applied to the plastic industry, printing industry, electronic industry, mobile phone digital industry and other industries. It is mainly free from pollution, corrosion, scratch and protect the original smooth and bright surface of the product in the process of storage and use. In general, the protective film is used in some relatively high-end digital electronic products and industrial products with higher protection requirements.

Cold shrink film is one of the protective film, but it is mainly used in industrial packaging, that is, the protective packaging of the whole product, play a role in fixing objects and protection, dustproof, and the protective film is mainly stored and used in the process of free from pollution, corrosion, scratch, the two roles are not consistent.

Composite film is different from the above two kinds. Itis two or more than two kinds of materials, after a or many times the composite process and combined together. Thus forming a certain function of composite materials. It is different kinds of film bonded together to become multilayer film, this is the composite film.

Composite film in the application of more diverse and common fields, such as food, cosmetics, daily necessities packaging bags, common potato chips (non-barrel), all kinds of bags of snacks, bags of laundry detergent and so on, can be said to be a common product.

PE is the most widely used material for the manufacture of thin films. It is a kind of plastic material with a large amount. It is a polymer material synthesized from polyethylene. Basic divided into two categories: low density polyethylene LDPE; High density polyethylene, a translucent plastic, low strength. LDPE is soft, commonly known as soft glue, HDPE is commonly known as hard soft glue, it is harder than LDPE, poor light transmittance, high crystallinity. The film made with PE usually has good performance. These are the reasons why PE protective film, cold shrinkable film, PE composite film is popular.