Heat shrink film is a type of thin film material widely used in the packaging industry, characterized by its shrinkability. To ensure the quality of this film material, manufacturers of heat shrink film attach great importance to quality control during the production process and have developed detailed testing procedures for different stages of inspection. Let’s now take a look at the testing process of Orientflex, a manufacturer of heat shrink film, and see what stages it includes.

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The 5 key stages of the heat shrink film manufacturer’s testing process

Raw material testing

The production process of heat shrink film requires the use of different types of raw materials, such as polyethylene, polyester, etc. Therefore, before production, manufacturers of heat shrink film conduct inspections on these raw materials. Then ensure they meet the quality requirements of the product.

Production Process Monitoring

During the production process, manufacturers of heat shrink film strictly monitor various stages. Such as extrusion, cooling, stretching, etc. To ensure that the parameters set for each stage meet the requirements. The production process is also documented for subsequent traceability.

Finished product inspection

For the heat shrink film products produced, manufacturers conduct various inspections, including visual inspection, dimensional inspection, shrinkage performance testing, etc. Among them, shrinkage performance testing is a key test, which involves exposing the heat shrink film to high temperatures to observe the degree of shrinkage and recovery of the film material.

Quality Control

If the test results do not meet the requirements of the heat shrink film products, heat shrink film manufacturers will be segregated. Feedback on the production process, to improve to ensure the quality of subsequent products.

Product Traceability

For problematic heat shrink film products, manufacturers will trace back to the raw materials, production process, product testing, etc., to identify the causes and take measures for improvement.

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In addition to the above stages, heat shrink film manufacturers also regularly evaluate their testing processes to ensure that their testing methods and standards meet national and industry quality requirements. They continuously improve the production process to enhance product quality and production efficiency. These rigorous testing processes and quality control measures ensure the quality and reliability of heat shrink film products, providing customers with peace of mind and reliable products and services.