PVC cling film is mainly used for fresh fruit and vegetable preservation. This film is used for fruits and vegetables that we usually buy, including semi-finished products purchased in supermarkets. It is a type of plastic packaging products commonly used by people to preserve food, and many families are inseparable from them.
Its significant features are:

1. Good transparency, large tensile force and strong self-adhesiveness.
2. Wide range of use, mainly in the fresh and bulk food area of supermarkets to do food packaging, in addition to all kinds of hotels and restaurants and other group customers purchase and use more.
3. At the same time, it can also be heated in the microwave oven at a temperature of no more than 110 degrees Celsius.

Avoid using PVC plastic wrap with oily and alcoholic foods at the same time. Although PVC food wrap is safe to use under normal circumstances, it cannot be used for oily and alcoholic foods. Try not to use plastic products to hold or store foods with high oil content.