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White PETG Shrink Film

PETG Shrink Film is a copolymerized modified non-crystalline functional polyester. It has the characteristics of high transparency and high shrinkage.

Product Details

A copolymerized modified non-crystalline functional polyester. White opaque light-shielding feature, suitable for special application in the field of heat-shrinkable label film.


* Excellent flatness.
* Non-crystalline
* Excellent gas barrier properties
* White opaque, good shading effect.

PETG Shrink Film Specification

ldealized Shrink Curve

ldealized Shrink Curve

PETG Shrink Film Application

PEGT shrink film is often used in convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially shrink label is its main application field.PEGT shrink film is applied to beverage bottles, shrink packaging of food and cosmetics, and shrink labels of electronic products.

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