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PVC Shrink Film For Packing

PVC Shrink Film for Packing, also known as polyvinyl chloride shrink wrap, is a versatile and widely used material for packaging applications.

Product Details

* Good transparency
* Easy to shrink
* High strength
* The shrinkage rate can be freely adjusted according to user needs
* It can tightly wrap goods of any geometric shape, and can avoid damage to goods caused by bundling.
* It has good anti-loose, rain-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft and other effects.

PVC Shrink Film Uses

It is widely used in the packaging of various commodities such as wine, food, sporting goods, sterilized tableware, electronic appliances, daily necessities, handicrafts, maintenance products, audio and video products, medicines, stationery, toys, portals, plastic hardware, glass ceramics and so on. Its appearance is more distinctive and beautiful, improves the quality of product packaging, and protects products from dust and squandering. It is an ideal film packaging material.

PVC Shrink Wrap Technical Information

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