Everyone is familiar with cling film, which is a must-have in life. Many people eat the leftover food and directly cover it with cling film to keep it fresh. Some people often wrap food in cling film and heat it directly in the microwave.

So is the heating of cling film toxic? What kind of cling film can be heated? How long is the heating time? I believe that few people understand these. Today we will understand whether food-grade cling film can be heated? Is it toxic when heated?

According to the use of cling film, it is divided into two categories

One is ordinary cling film, which is suitable for refrigerator preservation; the other is microwave cling film, which can be used in both refrigerator and microwave ovens. The latter type of cling film is far superior to ordinary cling film in terms of heat resistance and non-toxicity. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the choice of cling film and use them separately.

The cling film that does not indicate that it is suitable for microwave ovens is ordinary cling film and cannot be heated in microwave ovens. Even microwave cling film, the heating time should not be too long to prevent the food temperature from rising and causing the cling film to melt and stick to the food.

cling film

When using microwave cling film to cover food for cooking, it is best to use a deep container. The food should not be overfilled. Keep the gap between the cling film and the food surface at least 2.5 cm to avoid contact between the food and the cling film, especially oily ones. larger food. Before heating the food, poke some holes in the cling film with a toothpick to facilitate the evaporation of water and prevent the cling film from breaking due to gas expansion.