PETG shrink film is a kind of biodegradable and environmental-friendly raw material. Nowadays, in many developed countries,PETG shrink film has become the most ideal alternative material to PVC shrink film.As a kind of new raw material, more and more people choose PETG shrink film to make label.
So what are the advantages of PEGT shrink film?

Advantages of PETG shrink film
1. High strength
2. Stable shrinkage performance
3. High glossiness and transparency
4. Good resistance to low temperature
5. PEGG shrink film has different kinds of shrinkage ratio. After it is shrunk, it can pack on different shapes of bottles.
6. PEGT shrink film is a kind of environmental friendly raw material.

Disadvantages of PETG shrink film
1.PETG shrink film is higher in price. Not so cost-efficient as PVC shrink film.
2. PEGT shrink film does not suit light bottles. High shrink force can deform the bottles.

PEGT shrink film is commonly used for irregular shapes bottles packaging because of its high shrinkage ratio. If you don’t know what shrink film to use, just feel free to ask us.