The maximum heat-resistant temperature marked on each brand of cling film is different. When it needs to be heated for a long time, you can choose a cling film with better heat resistance. When using it, you should also pay attention to the temperature that the cling film can withstand, and strictly follow the instructions on the package. Heat at the marked temperature or choose a cling film with better heat resistance.

cling film should not be used for cooking high-fat and high-sugar foods, as fat and sugar can generate high heat and melt the cling film. Nowadays, wrapping food in cling film and heating it in the microwave is a common practice for many people. Food wrapped in cling film will not lose moisture, and heated food tastes better. However, doing so increases the risk of toxin dissolution in the cling film and affects people’s health.

cling film

In the current situation that PVC cling film cannot be completely replaced, when heating food in microwave ovens, the use of cling film should be avoided as much as possible, and special microwave ovens should be used to heat dishes. In daily life, we can have many alternatives to replace cling film, such as paper products, ceramics or glass containers.