The stretch film needs to have good transparency in use. When we are inspecting, we can adopt the test method of light transmittance and haze of transparent plastics. Can you tell the quality? Today I will introduce the following detection methods:

5 Inspection Methods for Stretch Film Quality

1. Toughness
Toughness refers to the comprehensive properties of the puncture resistance and tear resistance of the stretch film. The value of the tear resistance must be taken in the horizontal direction, because the horizontal tearing will cause the packaged items to loosen, and the longitudinal tearing will cause the packaging to remain strong. Resilience is very important.

jumbo stretch film

2. Stretch
The stretched film deforms under the effect of external force and will generate a back pressure. When the packing operation is performed, the goods will be fastened, which is helpful for packing some scattered items into a whole. This is the working principle of the stretched film. To a certain extent, the film can be stretched to 2 to 3 times, and it is not easily touched by hands.

3. Self-adhesive
Self-adhesion refers to the adhesiveness of the stretched film after it comes into contact with itself. During the packing operation of the stretched film, the stretched film is useful for fastening the article without falling off during the packing operation. Packaged. Of course, self-adhesion is also affected by many external factors, such as humidity, temperature, and dust, so pay attention to the storage method after using a stretched film.

4. Appearance
The high-quality stretch film is a bit white under the light level, looks clear and clear, and has excellent gloss and transparency. In addition, the stretch film itself is non-toxic and tasteless, so businesses will also use it to pack samples and food.

Stretched Film

5. Density
Density refers to the situation in which a stretched film floats in water. According to the laws of physics, when the density of an object is smaller than the density of water, the object will float on the water. The density of a high-quality stretched film is relatively small. The stretched film will float on the water.

The above is the method to identify the quality of stretch film. If a friend wants to buy stretch film, please contact us and look forward to cooperating with you.