PVC shrink film is made of ethylene PVC resin mixed with more than a dozen auxiliary materials and then inflated twice. It is characterized by good transparency, high strength, easy shrinkage, shrinkage rate can be adjusted freely according to user needs, and strong operability.

The products are divided into general grade, medical grade, and high strength grade.

They can be made into tube film, L-shaped center-folded film and single wound film, and can be processed into tube bags, flat bags, trapezoidal bags, arc bags, etc.

Application: Often used for bottle labeling. Widely used in food, medicine, clothing, building materials, dairy products, metal products, glass, ceramics, daily chemicals, beverages, etc.so that its appearance is more distinctive and beautiful, improve the product packaging grade, and protect the product from dust, random flowers and so on. It is an ideal film packaging material.