POF heat shrink film,as the name suggests, shrinks when exposed to heat, tightly wrapping around the product’s surface. Nowadays, POF heat shrink film has become very popular. However, some people who have just purchased it may not know how to use it correctly. Below, Heat shrink film manufacturers will teach everyone how to use POF heat shrink film correctly.

POF heat shrink film-

The use of POF heat shrink film


The goods to be packaged placed on the POF heat shrink film, according to the size and shape of the goods to choose the right size of the film.

Cutting and sealing

Use the sealing machine or manual cutting tools to cut the POF heat shrink film into the right size according to the required dimensions.

Wrap the goods

Wrap the POF heat shrink film around the goods, make sure the surface of the goods is flat and clean, and avoid air or impurities from entering the film.

Heating and Shrinking

Use hot air gun or shrinking machine to heat the wrapped goods, the POF shrink film will shrink under high temperature and closely fit the surface of the goods. Cooling and Curing: Allow the shrink film to cool down.

Cooling and curing

After the shrink film cools down, a solid packaging layer will be formed on its surface to ensure that the goods are firmly packaged.

Organize samples

You need to organize the packaged products and put labels, logos and other related information.


Temperature Control: During the heating and shrinking process, careful temperature control is of paramount importance to prevent the POF heat shrink film from melting or deforming. Excessive heat can compromise the film’s integrity, leading to undesirable consequences. Therefore, maintaining a consistent and appropriate heating temperature is crucial for achieving optimal results.

Maintaining Cleanliness: It is essential throughout the packaging process to prevent dust, debris, or contaminants from affecting the packaging outcome. These impurities can hinder the effectiveness of the packaging and potentially mar the product’s appearance.

Preventing Damage: When utilizing sealing and cutting tools, exercise caution to avoid scratching or damaging the POF heat shrink film. Rough handling can compromise the film’s integrity, potentially leading to tears or punctures. Therefore, careful and precise operation of sealing and cutting tools is essential to maintain the integrity of the POF heat shrink film.

POF Heat Shrink Film


It should be noted that this is just a general method of use. Different types of packaging machines may have slightly different operating procedures, so the specific use of POF heat shrink film should be carried out according to the instructions of different devices.