Food cling film is a common preservation tool used to wrap food to extend its freshness. Correct storage method can ensure the quality and effect of food cling film, the following are the things to pay attention to.

Food Grade PE Film

5 ways to store food cling film

Storage environment
Dry and clean, well ventilated, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from high temperature and humidity.

Scratch by sharp objects
Deformation by squeezing with heavy objects
Pollution by harmful substances
Expired and inferior products

Rules of Use
Clean hands to prevent bacterial contamination
Replace aged plastic wrap regularly
Store separately to avoid chemical reaction
Store at appropriate temperature (refer to product instructions).

After use
Keep sealed to prevent dust and bacteria
Avoid humidity to affect the adhesion
Keep food surface as dry as possible to enhance freshness
Do not directly contact with hot food

Regular Inspection
Check if there is any damage and aging, replace it in time

Use the right amount
When using food cling film, the length and width of the film should be determined according to the size and shape of the food to avoid wastage.

PVC cling film


Overall, proper storage of food cling film can prolong the film’s service life and preservation effect, and ensure the freshness of food. Paying attention to these things can help us use food cling film better and protect the hygiene and safety of food.


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