POF heat shrink film is a new type of commonly used environmentally friendly shrink film. It has good transparency, shrinkage and tear resistance. It is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries. the thickness of POF heat shrink film is one of the important factors affecting its performance. In this article, we will introduce the thickness range of POF heat shrink film, the factors affecting it and the considerations for choosing the right thickness.

Introduction to POF heat shrinkable film

POF is the meaning of heat shrinkable film, POF full name multilayer co-extruded polyolefin heat shrinkable film, pof heat shrinkable film is a linear low density polyethylene as the middle layer (LLDPE), a total of polypropylene (pp) as the inner and outer layers, through the five extruder plasticizing extrusion, and then by the die head molding, film bubble blowing and other special processes.

pof heat shrinkable film

Thickness of POF Heat Shrinkable Film

POF heat shrinkable film commonly used thickness of 15-35micron, specific gravity of 0.92, POF heat shrinkable film transverse, and longitudinal shrinkage is about 55%, heat shrinkage temperature of 100 ℃ contraction than the PVC heat shrinkable temperature (70 ℃) is relatively high.

Advantages of POF heat shrinkable film

POF heat shrinkable film does not easily dye dust, and is packaged in a flat mouth mostly, POF heat shrinkable film packaging, sealing at the corners of the soft, will not cut manpower, generally not easy to process into other shapes, not packaging heavy objects. POF heat shrinkable film cold resistance is very good, in the case of -50 ° C is not easy to harden cracks, so the POF heat shrinkable film is the ideal packaging material for frozen food.

How to choose the right thickness of POF film?

When choosing the thickness of POF heat shrink film, the following factors should be considered.

  1. Shape and weight of the packaged object: The shape and weight of the packaged object determine the required strength and tear resistance of POF heat shrink film.
  2. Packaging requirements: Different packaging requirements also have different requirements for the thickness of POF heat shrink film. For example, if an item needs to be protected from dust and moisture, a thicker POF film is required.
  3. Cost: In the case of meeting the packaging requirements, should try to choose thinner POF heat shrink film to reduce costs.
POF heat shrink film-

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The thicker the POF film, the better?
A: No. The thickness of POF film should be selected according to the actual needs. A POF film that is too thick will increase the cost, while a POF film that is too thin may not be able to meet the packaging requirements.

Q: How to measure the thickness of POF heat shrink film?
A: You can use a thickness gauge to measure the thickness of POF heat shrink film.

Q: What are the common specifications of POF heat shrink film?
A: Common specifications for POF heat shrink film include.
Thickness: 12μm, 15μm, 19μm, 25μm, 30μm
Width: 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm
Length: 1000m, 2000m, 3000m, 4000m, 5000m


POF heat shrink film generally thick related content is introduced to this, POF heat shrink film shrinkage rate is large, up to 75%, has good flexibility, can be packaged in any shape of the goods, and after a special process of three-layer co-extruded film shrinkage force can be controlled to meet the requirements of the contraction force of different commodity packaging.