In recent years, the stretch film has developed rapidly. The global output exceeds 30 billion square meters. Especially in developed countries, the development is relatively fast. And per capita consumption can reach about 16 square meters.It is light and strong. It can not only protect against pressure and shock, but also prevent water, moisture, heat insulation and abrasion. So it is an ideal package material on the market at present.

  With the change of product package demand and progress of technology, people have higher and higher requirement for stretch film. In addition to the requirements for anti-static, anti adhesion and smoothness of general films. It also requires the sustainable development of the stretch film.
  This needs to consider the whole process of stretch film from production to obsolescence. The stretch film can be further reformed in the production process. Use other environmentally friendly alternative materials. But compared with traditional package material, such as paper and metal glass, the material consumption of stretch film is relatively small. This is the advantage of stretch film itself.
  Although there are a lot of short comings. But the advantages of stretch film far outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, the stretch film is in line with sustainable development.
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