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Color Boxes PVC Cling Film

Color Boxes PVC Cling Film is mainly sold in supermarkets, shops and wholesale markets.

Product Details

Width (mm): from 300 to 450
Length (mts): 100-350
Thickness(µm): 9-12
Paper core ID(mm): 76mm,50mm,38mm,32mm
OEM: Printed on the paper core,color boxes and carton. Including Plastic holder,serrated cutter,plastic zip.

PVC Cling Film With Color Box Features

*Hygienic, flexible, cost-effective and safe
*Versatile with a superior cling, stretch and high strength
*High stretching ratio and elongation without breakage.
*Excellent sticking properties
*Fog-repellent and able to break up water drops to maintain good clarity
*High rate O2 and CO2 transmission and excellent moisture retention

Technical Information

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It is suitable for all food wrapping to keep the good fresh longer and it can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave.

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