POF heat shrinkable film is made of linear low-density polyethylene as the middle layer and co-polypropylene as the inner and outer layers, which are plasticized and extruded through three extruders, then processed by special techniques such as die forming and film bubble blowing. So what are the advantages of POF heat shrink film? The following gives you an introduction.

POF Heat Shrink Film

POF heat shrink film advantages

High transparency: POF heat shrink film has very high transparency, which can show the appearance and characteristics of the packaged products and increase the users’ desire to buy.
High strength: POF heat shrink film has high strength, can protect the packaging, preventing breakage and reducing losses.
Good touch: POF heat shrink film not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a comfortable touch, which makes consumers feel better when they touch it.
Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: it meets FDA and USDA standards and can be packaged as food.
Good cold resistance: It can maintain flexibility without brittleness under -50, which is suitable for the storage and transportation of packaged goods under cold environment.

Cross-Linked POF Shrink Film


POF heat shrink film widely applies to beverage bottles, primarily safeguarding both the bottles and beverages. The specific application scenarios include:

  1. Protecting bottles: Beverage bottles serve as crucial vessels for beverage packaging, where bottle quality directly influences beverage quality. During transportation and storage, POF heat shrink film effectively shields bottles from potential cracking and breakage.
  2. Safeguarding beverages: The bottle mouth and cap represent the most susceptible areas for beverage container contamination. POF heat shrink film tightly wraps around the bottle mouth and cap, efficiently preventing dust, bacteria, and other pollutants from infiltrating the beverages.
  3. Enhancing packaging aesthetics: POF heat shrink film accommodates cutting according to varying beverage shapes and sizes, resulting in visually appealing packaging. This aesthetic enhancement captures consumer attention and bolsters product sales.
  4. Ensuring anti-counterfeiting measures: POF heat shrink film integrates special anti-counterfeiting labels, ensuring beverage authenticity. This measure thwarts consumer deception from counterfeit products.


In short, POF heat shrink film is very widely used in beverage bottles, in addition to the above role, but also can reduce production costs, improve the production efficiency of beverages and other aspects to bring many benefits.