Stretch film includes machine stretch film and hand stretch film.
Stretch film for hand:
Thickness: 15mic-20mic
Width: 5cm-45cm
Stretch rate (region): 200%-400%
Colour: transparent (other colors can be customized based on customer needs)
Machine stretch film
Thickness: 20mic-45mic
Width: 45CM-100cm
Stretch rate (region): 300%-500%
1: Stretch package saves raw materials than shrink package. And it does not need a thermal shrink package machine. So that can save energy.
2: Its strength and elastic tension are high. So it can wrap around any shape of goods. And can avoid the damage to the goods caused by bundling. Besides, it has good anti-loose, rainproof, dustproof, anti-theft and other effects.
3: It can meet the needs of different users.
4: It can reduce the noise produced during winding and stretching. And reduce the dust and sand during transportation and storage.

● With high transparency and good gloss
● Rapid contraction at low temperature
● Good sealing at high speed
● suitable for small package, applied in the field of food (special type of food)
● Ideal choice for “one-step” system and semi-automatic L-shape contraction sealing roller table
● The diameter of 20CM drum is also suitable for small machines
● Effective width: 200~800mm
● Effective thickness: 18, 20, 30, 40μm
Production standard
1: There is no black impurity. And the mold should be cleaned.
2: The paper tube must be aligned. The standard white space on both sides is 1CM.
3: When packing, you should pay attention to protect the edge from the collision. It can avoid quality problems caused by edge rupture.
4.: Minimize the surface wrinkles at both ends. And the white pressed lines in the middle.
5: Cut the broken edge neatly. But it can not be shipped as finished products if the cut uneven. So when making goods, both ends must be rolled neatly.
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