There are many uses of Stretch Film, and here are a few common applications:

1. Pallet Packaging: Wrap the goods on the tray to form a whole, to prevent in the factory turnover or logistics transport in the process of loose, collapse, deformation, as well as waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft role.
2. Carton Packaging: The use of Stretch Film as a bundle film, can protect the carton from the rain wet, while avoiding courier violence will be broken cartons after the loss of scattered objects inside the situation.
3. Machine cover: Occasional use of the machine can be used Stretch Film wrapping 2-3 layers, to prevent the placement of too long and cause the machine to rust, but also to play a dust-proof effect.
4. Special-shaped product packaging: large-scale special-shaped products can not be customized fixed PE packaging film, at this time you can use Stretch Film packaging, multi-angle all-round without dead angle packaging, to meet your perfect packaging needs.
5. Product Surface protection: Stretch Film because of good self-stickiness, but will not be coated objects to form glue residue. Can be affixed to glass, building materials, ceramics, doors and windows and other smooth surface, to prevent being scratched by sharp instruments.